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What Is Task Force


Task Force 383 is a movement, with a simple mission of bringing a positive change to the world at large. We are not and never will be a brand, a clothing company or non-profit/for profit organization.

We are group of likeminded individuals who share that common goal. We are comprised of both Officers and Enlisted, as well as Retirees and Civilians. With individuals from various backgrounds within both Conventional and Special Operations Forces, we have a unique view point from which to offer guidance and knowledge.

Task Force 383 is not specific to one branch, a single career field, male or female, veteran or civilian. Our experiences from both the Enlisted and Officer side open the lens to allow us to offer help to all who seek it.

Within Task Force 383 we have combined decades worth of knowledge to share and discuss and experiences from all walks of life.

Our goal is rather simple...

“Be an asset, not a liability”

The Meaning Of 383

3: The first three represents the pillars of leadership that are vital to the success of being a professional leader of men and women. LEAD, TRAIN, MENTOR. We all have to remember these tenets every day.

8: The eight represents balance and is seen and the karmic equalizer, both destroyer and creator. When placed on its side, the number eight represents the infinity symbol and the endless pursuit of seeking knowledge.

3: The final three is the anchor of what is at the core of being a leader. The three “M’s” that must never be forsaken. The men and women...the mission...myself. We as leaders must always remember the first two are far more important than ourselves.