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Odin's Paradise

Odin’s Paradise is an indoor airsoft field located in Norwalk, Ohio and was established in March 2018. Owned and managed by Army veteran Shane (Kirby) Krebs, Odin’s is a well known airsoft field known all around Ohio and some of the surrounding states. It provides a positive environment full of all crowds to include today’s youth, first responders, current/prior military, and many more. The staff is is an all volunteer group who referee, assist patrons with the sport, and provide both guidance and advice to newer players. If you ever find yourself in the area, swing by on a Saturday or Sunday to meet Kirby and his amazing staff!


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Shooter Supply

Shooter Supply is a small firearms business located minutes away from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Shooter Supply has been the area’s leading supplier of specialized military shooting equipment, tactical gear, competitive shooting supplies and firearms since opening their doors in 1995.


Employees also participate in shooting events throughout the year within the local community. Competing in events such as IDPA, 3-gun, carbine matches etc. If you are looking to get involved in these events they will be more than happy to assist. They have recently become obtained their SOT and are a class 3 dealer. They handle every related to an FFL from firearms sales and transfers to stamp submission for SBRs and suppressors. 


They are a business that treats their customers more as friends and family than anything else. Good conversation and advice from professionals with years of experience go a long way! Stop in and see Zef and Big John and see for yourself!


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Faction Tool Co.

Faction Tool Co. is ran by a current SWAT member located in Texas. Faction Tool provides top quality, unique looking blades of a wide variety. All blades are made with the backing of a lot of research and a years worth of trial and error until their craft was tuned in. Each blade is inspected and held to high standards that makes them very reliable and valuable in/on most kit, hunting packs or as simple carry knife.


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Coastline K9

Coastline K9's foundation is rooted in a bond forged between man and his best friend. In 2009 Erick Innis was selected to serve as Special Operations K9 Handler. His teammate was Veteran Military Working Dog Rex. The two served two combat tours together throughout Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. Erick would go on finishing his military service after 5 combat tours and began training canines as a civilian. 


Erick served as a Navy Seal K9 trainer for a year sharing his combat K9 knowledge and experience. Along with the military he has helped train law enforcement canines in both the United States and Internationally.


Settling down in Florida, Erick and Byron of the RESCUE 22 FOUNDATION 5013{c} while simultaneously fully operating Coastline K9. Coastline K9 is established to share training and education with people as well as their canine family members. 


Whether it is obedience or behavior modification, or even providing an extra layer of furry security, Coastline K9 can facilitate a solution for you and your pup so that you can live and work as an efficient TEAM!


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